The Frog Project

North American Toad

One important long term indicator of Diamond Lake ecosystem health is the vitality of the frog population around the lake. An ongoing survey has been established to identify frogs by their calls, record the sightings, and store this information in an online database. We need your help!

How to participate

Take a listening sample:

1. Get to know the frog calls a bit. The calls of the most common frog species found around the lake can be heard on this page.

2. Set up your Smartphone for data entry by opening the browser on your phone and bookmarking this link. This enables you to enter frog survey info from your phone and also provides common frog calls to help you with identification.

3. Start out some evening at dusk. ¬†April, May, and June are the prime froggy listening months. From any spot around the lake, pause and listen for frog sounds. On your phone, enter the results into the form at the link you bookmarked. Answer the simple questions about frog type, date, time, lake position etc. Press “Submit” and you’re done!

4. Not hearing frog calls is also important information. Be sure to select “No Frogs” under frog type and enter this record just like any other.