Adopt a Storm Drain

Looking for an easy way to help improve water quality for Diamond Lake (or any lake in the Twin Cities for that matter)?

Volunteer for the Minneapolis Adopt-a-Drain Program!

It’s easy and fun for individuals, families, scout groups, and friends. You can sign up by visiting the Adopt-a-Drain program site, then all you need to do is spend a few minutes periodically checking your adopted storm drain for debris and removing it. (After significant rain events is a particularly useful time.)

Leaves, grass clippings and other organic matter, automobile fluids, road salt, and other pollutants al negatively affect water quality and aquatic life. By keeping storm drains that lead to Diamond Lake free of debris, we help to prevent water pollution in the Lake. It’s that simple.

Sign up and adopt a storm drain today. You’ll be proud that you did, and your lake and its inhabitants will thank you.