Turtles on the Move!

TurtleCrossingSign432x432Q: Why did the turtle cross the road?
A: To lay eggs, of course!*

The first official turtle crossing was seen this past week on Clinton Avenue!  A snapper needed a bit of help across the street to avoid becoming a casualty. The female turtles that call Diamond Lake home head for higher sandy soil in which to lay their eggs each year in May & June. Once the eggs hatch, the hatchlings return to the lake via the same routes in August & September.

Both mamas and hatchlings can often be seen crossing the streets around Diamond Lake on the way. Those not seen by motorists can become casualties. Most are painted turtles or snapping turtles.  Let us know if you see other species.

How You can Help

If you live on one of the streets around Diamond Lake — Portland,*** Clinton or 2nd*** Avenues, Diamond Lake Road,*** Diamond Lake Lane, Chester Street, or 58th Street,** you can place a turtle crossing sign in your yard to alert motorists to see that slow moving lump in the road really is a turtle. Friends of Diamond Lake has created yard signs that residents around the lake can post in their yards to help increase awareness of the turtles’ presence on the streets. If you would be willing to put one in your yard, please let us know using the contact form, and we will be sure you get one.  We’d like to spread them around enough so people get the idea.

The signs are free, and quantity is limited (of course, a smal donation is always welcome!)

* Thanks to newsletter editor Leigh Oltmans for the turtle quip
** We have enough volunteers on Roslyn.
*** Especially needed

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